About Us

While we were planning our first trip to New York in March 2016, we tried to reach out to a couple of friends in NYC but our friends were busy, so we thought, “how can we get that local experience?” How better to get to know a city, a country, or culture, if not through people who make that society what it is? Yes, there are a lot of tour guides, dating apps, virtual chats and social networks but none of these worked for us. We had people on FB from NYC but never met so they didn’t feel comfortable messaging them. This is how Hiphoster came to life. After we’ve done some research, we’ve said, “Let’s do it. Let’s take our idea further. Let’s develop an app for people like us who just want to meet other people and have a great time. No strings attached.” Two weeks later, in April, we started this project. Imagine how it would be to travel the world with a friend of a friend. Hiphoster is an app created for connecting people. Our ideal is to create an interconnected community around the world for all kinds of people, no matter their religion, political views, races and sexes. We want to change things, to destroy barriers. We want to create something online so people could benefit from it in real life. We want to get people out of their screens and virtual realities and out of their comfort zones. We want people to meet other people. To communicate, to have fun, to tell their stories, to help each other. The only way to live a full life is to actually live it. Now. Today. And nobody wants and shouldn’t be alone. That’s why we all need friends, family, experiences, memories, dreams, plans. We’ve been working really hard to create a product of which we are really proud. We want to change things and it sure deserves a try!