What is Hiphoster?

Hiphoster is a mobile app that spontaneously connects travelers with locals who share the same passions.
It's been designed for spontaneous social gatherings between people.
It’s a good fit for you if you’re a traveler and you'd like to experience the local scene or if you’re new in town and want to meet people.
It's also a good fit for you if you're a local and you'd like to meet people and earn money for showing people around.
Make some friends!

What does I’M HERE mean?

I’M HERE is the local. You’re the person who accepts the invitation and gets paid for showing travelers a good time around your city.

What does I’LL JOIN mean?

I’LL JOIN is the traveler. You’re the person who sends the invitation for joining others in their activities and pays for their time.

Why should I start the activity?

First, you have to start the activity for the payment to be processed.
Second, it ensures your safety through GPS data.
Third, it’s your little diary which tells you how much time you spend with the ones you meet.

Do I get paid as a local with an I'M HERE account to meet travelers through the app?

Yes. You get paid a flat fee for each person.
The travelers with I'LL JOIN accounts pay $70 for themselves and $70 for each person they bring along.
We take a 20% commission to run the platform, the rest is yours.

How much is the flat fee paid by a traveler with an I'LL JOIN account?

The flat fee paid by a traveler to join a local with an I'M HERE account is $70 per person.
Hiphoster's commission is 20% of the amount, used to run this platform.

What if I don’t get along with the person I meet?

That’s ok. Each of you can stop the meeting at any moment.
As a traveler with an I’LL JOIN account, you can ask for a quick refund if your activity lasted less then fifteen minutes.
You don’t have to like everybody ☺
As a local with an I'M HERE account, you're being paid by the traveler to show them around. Your responsibility is to try your best to make them have a good time, make them feel welcome. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stop the meeting if the travelers are rude or impolite.
Just be kind and respectful. Always.

Do I have to do something special with the ones who join? Or to show them around?

Just be yourself and let travelers discover your world. You can either plan something together with your travelers, or you can welcome them into your plans with your group of friends.
Choose someone who shares your interests so everybody can have a good time. If you’re an artist or you're passionate about art, meet people who share the same interest.

Is it safe to give my personal information?

Yes. All your information is saved on private servers and we use SSL for an extra layer of security on our website. When you sign up you agree to our Terms and Privacy.

Is the payment safely processed?

Yes. We have incorporated Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal, a secure platform which operates payments.

When do I receive my payment?

Payments will be made at the end of every week for last week’s earnings.

Can I use my I’M HERE account when I travel?

No. The idea is to have local people show travelers around. You can use your I’M HERE account only in your city. When you travel you can easily switch to I’LL JOIN.

Why do I need to upload a picture of my ID to have an I’M HERE account?

From time to time, we may verify accounts by asking for an ID photo. You have to upload a photo of your ID in order for us to verify your identity. We want all of our users to be real persons. This way, we guarantee our Users that they'll meet who they're supposed to meet.

Can I let friends/family use my account?

Absolutely not. This is against our policy and it will terminate your use of our app.
If someone else wants to use our platform, encourage them to download our app and make an account.

Can I bring friends and family along?

As a local with an I'M HERE account, you can either welcome travelers into your city by yourself, or your friends and family can join you. You can already be out with your friends when travelers want to join you. The more the merrier.
As a traveler with an I'LL JOIN account, you have the option to take 9 people along with you to meet a local on your activities, just select the number of persons you’re going with when sending an invitation.